We Are People

We strive to be an organization that LISTENS to people in order to learn from them. We are People Embracing Other People's Lives through Enrichment.

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We value the dignity and creativity of the individual, and we respect choice of the individual at all times. We holistically promote equality and diversity.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the special needs community of Anderson, South Carolina, with world class community support services.

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Welcome to InspireAbilities of Anderson County

InspireAbilities of Anderson County (formerly the Anderson County Disabilities and Special Needs Board) specializes in community and medical services for the special needs community of Anderson County, South Carolina. We serve those diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, related disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and head and or spinal cord injuries.


Thank you for your interest in working with us!

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Centered around the individual

Each person who comes to us is a unique personality who deserves treatment, activities and services catered to his or her individual needs.

Responsive, efficient and accountable

Each member of our staff is trained to proactively create a welcoming, inclusive environment for our client. Staff is also trained to understand the delicate nature of some of our participants and respond in an efficient way to the personal and logistical challenges that may occur on site. We hold each of our staff members individually accountable for their actions.

Practical, positive and appropriate

We pride ourselves on facilitating the freedom of expression, relationship development and individual growth of each of our clients. To accomplish this, we ensure our environment is always conducive to positive interactions between clients and client and staff. We strictly adhere to federal and state guidelines concerning our facility, staff protocol and on site activity.

Results-oriented, continuously improving

Our philosophy of continuous improvement ensures that we are always moving towards a more perfect representation of our principles on a daily basis. We consider no metric above the actual results that we produce for our clients. If something is wrong, we fix it – bottom line.

A place for opportunities

Everyone, from staff to clients to observers, have a chance to become a more productive person for society through InspireAbilities of Anderson County. We continuously survey the community and our own results for activities and processes that will enhance the success of our clients and those who love them. Whether participating in the lives of one of our special few, or living that life, InspireAbilities of Anderson County strives to improve the productivity of everyone who entrusts a loved one to its care.

An environment of best practices

Our assessments are constantly revealing updated best practices to us. After the most careful of consideration, we are more than willing to share these breakthroughs with the families and loved ones of our clients. The more that our clients can experience the love and dignity that comes from a fuller understanding of their condition, the more likely they are to thrive regardless of location.

What People Say

To receive any of the services offered by InspireAbilities of Anderson County, you must have an open case with the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN). Once you have an open case, the Case Management provider of your choice will help you navigate through the services offered and enroll you in the best program for your needs.  The SCDDSN Eligibility Toll Free number is 1-800-289-7012.