Who is Eligible for Services?

To receive any of the services offered by InspireAbilities of Anderson County, you must have an open case with the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN). Once you have an open case, the Case Management provider of your choice will help you navigate through the services offered and enroll you in the best program for your needs.


1. Residents of Anderson County who are showcasing at least one of the following disabilities:

  • A diagnosed Intellectual Disability or a Related Disability that limits interaction within normal society
  • Diagnosed Autism

For pre-screening and referral, contact the TOLL FREE Referral Line at 1-800-289-7012

2. Residents of either Anderson or Oconee Counties who are showcasing one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Brain Injury

For pre-screening and referral, contact the TOLL FREE Referral Line at 1-800-289-7012

How is Eligibility Determined?

To determine if someone is eligible for services, please note the following categories in the MR/RD Division for Anderson County:

  • Intellectual Disability
    The individual must have onset of disability before age 18 and must meet further eligibility requirements.
  • Related Disabilities
    The individual must have onset of the disability in question prior to the 22nd birthday and meet additional eligibility requirements.
  • Autism
    The individual must have a medical diagnosis for Autism and meet the DSM IV criteria for Autism.


For more information regarding eligibility please click here


The Residential Program presently consists of 17 Community Training Homes (CTH II) and a Supported Living Program (SLP I, II) located in Anderson, Honea Path, Belton and Williamston.

The primary goal of the Residential Program is to support client independent living. We use Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and CQL’s Basic Assurances® as our best practices to ensure quality of life. Teaching skills and community involvement are key components of person-centered plans created to achieve ongoing community objectives. We strive to provide environments that are rich in opportunities, respectful of personal rights and focused on the happiness of everyone involved.

4 individuals live in each CTH II with Direct Support Professionals (DSP) supporting them whenever they are home.

SLP II is made up of duplex apartments on a cul-de-sac. This arrangement is meant for participants who have proven to require less supervision over their day to day living arrangements, requiring only periodic check-ins from support staff. Additionally, several people live in their own apartments in the area (SLP I) with minimal weekly contact from staff.


The Staff Development Department provides SCDDSN and InspireAbilities of Anderson County training as well as training required by other regulatory agencies to new hire employees and update current employees on new best practices. Training provides staff with the knowledge and skills to provide needed services and support to the people receiving services from InspireAbilities of Anderson County to increase their independence and reach their desired outcomes. This includes, but is not limited to, Medication Technician Certification, CPR/FA, Defensive Driving, Positive Behavior Support and Therapeutic Options (which is a crisis intervention system). Staff also receive training on InspireAbilities of Anderson County policies and procedures and SCDDSN directives on reporting of abuse, neglect and exploitation as well as reporting of critical incidents/adverse operational events, responding to suicidal behavior, confidentiality/HIPAA and others.


Risk Management (RM) collects, analyzes and makes recommendations on a variety of issues as required by SDDSN and InspireAbilities of Anderson County with the goal to improve the safety and wellbeing of the people who are receiving services and staff who work for InspireAbilities of Anderson County. The RM department also helps to ensure the overall integrity of the agency. The topics the department specializes in includes medication error/events, choking incidents and use of physical restraints. RM also compares InspireAbilities of Anderson County trends in abuse, neglect and exploitation reports to SCDDSN statewide reports and trends in critical incidents/adverse operational events.

RM is a part of the agency’s Quality Assurance Program (QA). We maintain an RM committee that meets on a quarterly basis and reports to a QA committee.


The Adult Day Services functions to enhance skills and opportunities through exposure to programming and events that assists each participant in achieving personal life goals. The Adult Day Services also works to reduce the severity of disabilities through preventive treatments. The Adult Day Services offer four main service options: Day, Community, Career Preparation and Employment (Individual and Group).

  • Day Service: Activities and support are designed to achieve, maintain and improve client social, personal and adaptive skills.
  • Community Service: Supports are designed to develop the participant’s awareness of the environment through interaction with the community and exposure to opportunities that assist in the development of self-advocacy, socialization and the accrual of social capital.
  • Career Preparation Service: Supports are designed to prepare participants for careers through job development training on compliance, attendance, task completion, safety, problem-solving and self-determination. Participants receive the opportunity to be compensated at a piece rate for all tasks completed.
  • Employment Service: Supports consist of two functioning levels. Employment-Group is designed to provide on-going training on compliance, attendance, task completion, safety, problem-solving and self-determination in a designated worksite to assist the participant in functioning in a regular work setting. Employment-Individual is designed to provide ongoing supports enabling participants to strive for and attain competitive employment at an hourly rate. This service is provided absent of direct supervision of agency staff unless a need has been identified and/or requests made by participants.


InspireAbilities of Anderson County Family Support Department is comprised of two programs: Case Management and Early Intervention.

  • CM (Case Management)
    Case managers assist SCDDSN eligible individuals with meeting their needs. Needs are assessed through a comprehensive assessment process. From the assessment, a support plan is developed to address the identified needs along with appropriate funding sources, provider types and the amount/duration of the service. Once the support plan has been finalized and approved, the case manager links the individual with needed services through the referral process. Services are then monitored minimally every 60 days to ensure the relevance of the service, satisfaction with the service and provide guidance as to the continued need for the service.
  • EI (Early Intervention)
    Early Intervention is provided to children ages birth to 5 and includes both family training and service coordination. Family Training is a home based program where your early interventionist (EI) will model activities that will help your child progress towards meeting developmental milestones. We will coach you through practicing these techniques so that you can easily carry them over into your family’s daily activities. Service coordination includes connecting your child and family with services and agencies throughout the community that may be beneficial to you. This will include services such as accessing therapies and transitioning to the public school system at age 3. To make a referral for your child, please contact BabyNet at 864-225-6465 if your child is under 3 years of age. If your child is over 3, please contact DDSN at 1-800-289-7012.